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Vacation Rental technology designed to drive direct bookings 

Discover New Revenue Strategies
to Increase Your Commission Per Unit

Don’t let the first booking opportunity be the end of the road. Lead capture across online and offline enables your reservations and marketing teams to follow-up in a personalized manner, opening the door for a second chance booking.

Over the past 3 years, Vacation Rental Managers have seen an average of $2,300 revenue per available unit just employing outbound strategies alone. For a 200-property VR Company, this is over $450K in ancillary revenue each year.

Compete for Direct Bookings
Without a Huge Budget

We believe in the “win where you can win” approach. You may not hold budget to compete effectively in all digital channels, but with a complete picture of your prospective guest across all channels you can make the right decisions to get in front of the right guest at the right time.

With NAVIS, you can accurately measure the number of inquiries received and from each ad, direct mail, listing sites, email, social media post, etc. This allows you to attribute the exact amount of revenue each campaign generates – down to the most effective keywords purchased.

Build Trust with Homeowners 
With a Complete Revenue Toolkit

Instill confidence with your owners that your offering can boost occupancy and increase their rental revenue with powerful reservation sales and marketing tools designed to maximize and drive direct bookings.

Through true-demand reporting you will be able to help homeowners quantify opportunity loss and revenue potential – even for your most vocal and headstrong owners. Come to the table with hard data, not hard feelings.

Provide Personalization OTAs Can’t  With a Comprehensive Platform

Rates and dates are out the window. With consumers looking for high-touch buying experiences and more personalization, it’s time to invest in a platform that has to collect, curate, and enable a highly personalized and effective sales process. By gathering guest data from at every touch point you can arm your marketing and sales teams to provide a top tier booking experience.

Make Smarter Rate Decisions
With True Demand Reporting

Identify rate resistance through a nightly demand report and make informed rate decisions to increase your bottom line. By analyzing conversion rates and turn down reasons you can have confidence in your rate adjustments, instead of shooting from the hip.

Your “comp set” could be made up of short-term rental companies that lean heavily on lower rates to drive occupancy. Comparing RMS data to Unconstrained Demand data is the smartest way to leverage both Market Data and Consumer Feedback, instead of market comparisons to rate droppers.


Capture and Convert Calls 24/7
With High Performing Agents

Staffing for the unpredictable can be tough. Why not outsource until you can guarantee stability?

Ensure you never miss a phone inquiry with overflow and after-hours agents trained for high-conversion rates. Our highly trained vacation experts deliver an industry leading 99.89% booking accuracy rate for our clients. Every call result in guest lead data to capture second chance bookings and grow your marketing database.

Prioritize Property Type Acquisitions  With Existing Leads and Demand

Identify your priorities for property acquisition through your existing demand information. Optimize your property mix based on what demand is coming through your channels and outline your growth strategy with demand intelligence.


Property Showcase: Village Realty

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“NAVIS has had a huge impact on our business and has taught us how to use our ‘data’ to the fullest extent. ”

Sheila Hauser, Director of Marketing
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