Direct Booking Platform

The NAVIS Direct Booking Platform is a scalable, platform that leading properties depend
on to maximize their direct bookings revenue.

Direct Booking Solutions

Reservation Sales

Your voice & direct bookings revenue engine

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Marketing Suite

Personalized emails at the perfect moment

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Shopping Cart Abandonment

Capture and convert those otherwise lost website bookings

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Direct Booking Services

RezForce Call Center

A supercharged overflow reservations sales team

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Professional services to support your marketing team

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Client Strategy and Success

A dedicated expert to guide your revenue strategy & ROI

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The NAVIS Direct Booking Platform Sits at the Core of our Solutions and Combines Voice, Web, & Email Into a Single Solution.


Capitalize on your existing leisure demand by capturing booked & unbooked guests across web, voice, OTA, and email channels.


Book direct guests with sales & marketing strategies that generate industry-leading conversion rates, ADRs, and profitability.


Engage guests, nurture repeat stays & build loyalty across channels throughout their booking & travel experience.


Understand what campaigns are working and reach out at the right time with a complete view of leads and guests.

Reservation Sales

Arm your Reservation Sales team with tools to drive more direct revenue, improve performance, and create superior guest experiences.

Marketing Suite

Enhance the guest experience, simplify marketing efforts, and drive more direct bookings with advanced personalization and automation.

Shopping Cart Abandonment

Capture website visitors who abandon the booking engine and convert through outbound calls and automated email communications.

Purpose built for today’s
leading hospitality companies

Customized Security You Can Trust

Advanced Permissions and Role & Property Level Security provide security where you need it and where you don’t.

Adapt and Scale

Enterprise APIs, platform features, & Integrations built to increase revenue and improve your ability to compete in local, regional and global markets.

Leverage the Power of Partnership

Expand revenue driving capabilities by tapping into advanced data and Intelligence with our industry leading partnerships.

Get Up and Running Fast

Easy data migration & new property on-boarding to get your teams up to speed without slowing down.