Shopping Cart Abandonment

Capture & Convert Unbooked Web Visitors

Most hotel and vacation rental websites see over an 80% abandonment rate after people reach the booking engine. So are those guests completely lost? Not anymore.

“We generated over $600,000 in three months with one email to abandoned leads.”

– Ashlee Lowry, Director of Marketing, Spectrum Resorts

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A Missed Lead is a Missed Opportunity

Shopping Cart Abandonment creates actionable leads in NAVIS CRM. Website visitors that abandon your website at checkout become immediately available for outbound calls and automated email communications.

Capture guest contact data from abandoned bookings and remarket to them through voice & email


Grow your contact database with valuable website leads that were once just bounced visitors


Lead data merges, dedupes, and syncs with the latest info from your PMS


Nurture leads with personalized, automated emails


Create lifetime opportunities with travelers you may have missed

Currently supported by the following booking engines

with more on the way

Don’t take our word for it

“We generated over $600,000 in three months with one email to abandoned leads. This made me look like a rockstar. I love reporting our revenue recapture rate to our team. Even our CEO is excited.”

– Ashlee Lowry
Director of Marketing, Spectrum Resorts

See Case Study for further details.

“The NAVIS Shopping Cart Abandonment tool has helped us convert more revenue and allowed us to follow up with potential guests in an extremely targeted and personal way.”

– Travis Johnson
Vice President of Marketing,
TradeWinds Island Grand Resort

See Case Study for further details.

“The shopping cart abandonment tool has been immensely powerful in capturing incremental revenue and reservations at little to no expense. In fact, the email counts among the top Lifecycle emails that we have in place with a conversion rate of over 40% and over a quarter of a million dollars of revenue in the 8 months in which it’s been live.

The best part? The message is a simple reminder to book and does not discount our products past anything that we have running anyway!”

– Daniel Swanson
Director of Revenue Management,
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

“With other shopping cart abandonment solutions that we’ve used in the past, we knew automated emails were going out, but we never received any data unless the guest booked. With NAVIS, we not only get that same data but are also getting all the prospective guest data that we’ve grown to expect with NAVIS. The icing on the cake for us has been that our agents can proactively outbound on these leads as well.”

– Dave Rhein
Associate Director of Marketing,
Terranea Resort


What is it?

The NAVIS Shopping Cart Abandonment package (SCA) is the first hospitality CRM solution that creates actionable abandoned booking engine leads for both your email automation platform and your reservations sales team – to drive industry-leading conversion rates on the demand you’ve already created.

How does it work?

SCA works behind the scenes capturing stay and contact details entered by guests as they search and explore options on your booking engine. Once a guest enters their email, all previously entered stay and contact data are sent to the lead form, even if the reservation isn’t made.

Once a new lead is created a NAVIS LifeCycle follow-up email can be sent to the potential guest (if NAVIS Marketing Suite is activated). Additionally, agents may place outbound calls or emails to answer questions and ask for the booking. A combination of email and calls is effective for converting guests who have not booked, or scenarios in which an added level of personalization is appropriate.

Is there a video that describes the technology?

Yes. Please view it here.

What booking engines do we support?

Currently, SCA integrates with the following booking engines Fuel, RezFusion, SynxisBE, TravelClick, SMS World NXT. Many more are slated for future releases.

How is it implemented?

Adding SCA is simple. Working with you or your web developer we add the NAVIS supplied code to the appropriate booking engine pages. 

The NAVIS Professional Services team can work with you to setup LifeCycle emails for hands-free, automated remarketing. Once leads begin to generate within the NAVIS Reservation Sales system they can also be assigned to agents for more personalized follow-up as well.

What technologies are required?

The appropriate booking engine must support 3rd party coding (HTML/JavaScript specifically). This will be vetted during the booking engine approval process

Who should I contact for more information?

Those looking to add the feature to an existing contract can contact their Client Success Strategist. For those interested in a consultation reach us at