The working reality within the hospitality industry has changed dramatically, and whether fully remote or hybrid, mixed-up work styles are here to stay.  

In the new virtual regime, you need tools and tech to give you the flexibility and adaptability to work from anywhere. It’s not only for your efficiency (and possibly your sanity) it’s also quickly becoming a prerequisite for hiring and retaining top talent. But how do you balance the freedom for your teams to work anywhere, with the control you need to effectively manage your teams? 

Balancing Freedom with Insight and Control 

To make things a bit easier, we’ve added Virtual Phone to the Reservation Sales Suite. Virtual Phone enables agents to receive and make calls directly within HUB itself. This timely cloud-based solution untethers your reservations teams from their regular desk phone. With NAVIS’s Virtual Phone, your agents can make and receive calls virtually right within the HUB application. And since HUB is cloud-based, your agents have the freedom to make and receive calls from anywhere with a dedicated wifi connection.   

HUB also gives reservations sales directors and managers the insight and control to effectively manage teams remotely too. With HUB you can virtually, score recorded guest calls.  Set, and monitor goals, and create reporting for your key performance metrics. Workforce Management Reporting gives you visibility into call volume by any time increment, handle times, and agent occupancy. So, you can keep your eyes and ears on your team and optimize their performance in real-time. And the best part? You can access all of it, from anywhere with a dedicated internet connection. 

Flexibility and Reliability the Best of Both Worlds 

Virtual Phone removes the uncertainty of a stable or reliable phone connection that often accompanies traditional phone lines. By incorporating the most modern and sophisticated web telephony technologies and securities, HUB now gives you and your team the flexibility to work fully remote, hybrid, or mixed.  

For those with multiple properties, imagine having the flexibility to ramp up agents remotely. Or consider shared staffing. In the event that call volume is down with one property, quickly re-deploy agents to take calls for a property in higher demand. 

Embrace The Change 

Change can always be a little difficult. And moving to remote models is a big change. But with Virtual Phone, it doesn’t have to be a difficult one.  

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Author: Brad Gale, Product Marketing Manager, NAVIS