How Seamless is Your Guests Booking Experience?

Would you say you offer your guests a seamless booking experience? Is each touchpoint in their online journey consistent? Today’s guests can be impatient and unforgiving, especially when it comes to digital commerce. When the website experience requires too many steps or doesn’t match what they expect, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to keep them from abandoning your website.

This is a notable concern for the hospitality industry, where shopping cart abandonment rates are nearly 85%. Potential guests can become easily frustrated. And while it may not be possible to stop abandonment altogether, it is possible to mitigate it and capture and re-targeting those that do.

To that end, NAVIS and RevRaise by AZDS have teamed up to battle abandonment head-on. The partnership combines RevRaise’s integrated booking experience with NAVIS Shopping Cart Abandonment Solution (SCA) to help hoteliers generate more direct bookings.

Capture and Convert More Demand. After All, You’ve Earned It.

Simply put, less abandonment equals quicker bookings and more revenue. “RevRaise allows hotels to use their own website URL and eliminates the need to link out to third-party domains, which can make some guests uneasy,” says AZDS CEO, Adam Deflorian. “It creates a better user experience and enables our clients to convert at the level of an OTA.”

For guests that ultimately do abandon the booking engine, NAVIS is there to pick them up. “Our partnership enables hoteliers to capture and convert the demand they’ve worked so hard to create,” said Mark Bartlett, Chief Revenue Officer at NAVIS. “RevRaise helps keep guests from abandoning, while NAVIS’ Shopping Cart Abandonment tool helps convert those that do. The partnership enables hoteliers to increase direct bookings on otherwise lost demand.”

Less Really Does Equal More.

RevRaise is designed for hotels that use SynXis as their online booking engine. Offering customized front-end design, their unique software-as-a-service product integrates a hotel’s booking engine into its own branded website. The result? A faster, more seamless guest experience and higher conversion rates. For a simple monthly licensing fee, hotels can choose between several pre-developed design templates and employ a state-of-the-art, front-end booking experience.

Combining that with NAVIS Shopping Cart Abandonment tool, hoteliers can capture leads that abandon the booking engine and immediately generate revenue from opportunities that may have otherwise slipped through the cracks. Navis boasts the first, fully integrated shopping cart abandonment solution that captures actionable abandoned shopping cart leads for immediate re-marketing through your reservations sales teams or email automation.

Today’s Leads are Tomorrow’s Revenue.

NAVIS’ unique lead-on-the-fly functionality triggers guest cart abandonment data without requiring a form submission. Abandoned interactions generate a lead within NAVIS. Leads are then synced with the latest info from your PMS to display any preexisting inquiries, stays, and communications. Once merged and deduped with existing leads, they are immediately available for agents and marketing teams to work them as part of their email strategy or as part of their outbound calling efforts.

RevRaise is the latest booking engine to be added to NAVIS’ list of Shopping Cart Abandonment supported booking engines, including SynXis BE, RezFusion, TravelClick, and SMS WorldNXT / Fuel.

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