Metasearch advertising continues to rise in importance for hotels and resorts.  Metasearch advertisements target consumers when they have narrowed an online search to a specific date and location, signifying that they are approaching the end of their buyer journey.  Hotels and resorts prioritize investing in these advertising platforms because they know they are targeting customers at the bottom of their marketing conversion funnel, thereby ensuring highly profitable returns.  GCommerce clients are already enjoying returns of 15X or better on a regular basis through other digital media channels.

Why meta matters for indies

Typically metasearch has been a difficult market for smaller, independent properties to advertise in due to spend requirements, but GCommerce’s offering makes metasearch available to hotels at a lower point of entry.

“Our clients are dedicating a higher percentage of their marketing budgets to Metasearch because of its premium returns,” says Lindley Cotton, President of GCommerce Solutions.  “Our goal is always to generate premium digital revenue for our clients, and metasearch has become an invaluable tool for accomplishing that goal.”

Since Google’s entrance into the metasearch advertising market in 2017, hotel interest in the channel has continuously increased due to the number of leads it produces. For example, Google reported that the number of leads generated from its platform is growing 65% year-over-year.

The GCommerce metasearch program is a full-service offering that provides properties everything they need to be competitive in the metasearch space.  “We worked very hard to develop a metasearch offering that not only allowed our clients to be present on these channels, but to be advantaged.  Our platform is full service, is available on a commission only basis, and is priced well below competitive offerings.”

Compete effectively against the OTAs for share

Hotels and resorts know that they have to avoid mistakes made in previous cycles, and fight the rising influence of OTA’s during slower economic times.  OTA’s have been the primary advertisers on metasearch channels.  “Every dollar a hotel spends on Metasearch is countering the efforts of OTA’s to own the property’s end consumer” says Lisa McGiveny, Director of Marketing for GCommerce.  “Our clients know that while the short term returns from metasearch advertising are great, the benefit of maintaining a direct relationship with their guests generates the greatest long term profitability.”

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