Staying in contact with your audience is important and often benefits your business; however, this should not be the only reason you’re sending emails to your guests. Here are a few red flags that should stop you from hitting send: 

  1. You haven’t refined your audience.
    Having a clear audience will not only benefit your email performance, it will also help you clearly communicate your message within the email. Identifying who the email is for will help you create a customized message that will feel personal and relevant to your guests. This is a great tool for keeping your audience engaged, and that will lead to higher open rates and stronger brand loyalty. 
  1. You’re sending just to hit a marketing goal. 
    Sending to meet a marketing goal will almost always come through in your messaging, and your reader will see right through it. Additionally, sending emails that don’t have a relevant purpose to your guests could have a long-term effect on your engagement. If your guests aren’t receiving relevant information, they’re less likely to want to continue opening your emails. 
  1. You sent them an email in the last 24 hours. 
    While this might seem like an obvious one, this error typically boils down to a failure to plan. We’ve all done it – pushed an email out the door in order to meet a deadline, only to realize the next day that there’s an event or promotion we need to communicate to our guests. By planning in advanced, we eliminate the guess work and can space out marketing emails to avoid over-sending to guests. 
  1. Your email content does not match the subject line. 
    Your subject line is your best tool when it comes to open rates, but your subject line should convey what the reader will find when they open the email. Avoid bait-and-switch tactics, as these will also have a long-term effect on your audience engagement. Avoid unclear messaging in your subject lines, as these are not compelling and will result in poor open rates. Communicate the email content quickly and in a way that makes your audience want to read more! 

These are easy traps to fall into with email marketing, but by spotting them when they crop up, you’ll not only benefit your marketing strategies, you’ll be adding value for your audience as well!