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Many companies claim a smarter way to revenue, but IDeaS delivers it.

For over thirty years, IDeaS has pioneered the development of sophisticated, yet simple-to-use revenue management software that drives revenue for some of the top hotels in the world.

The company’s global reach is impressive; they serve over 13,000 clients in 140 countries, but it’s not only the expansive footprint that steers partnership: 

“IDeaS products and services are best-of-breed,” shares Mark Bartlett, Chief Revenue Officer at NAVIS.

“The team is client-first – no one matches their ability to deliver total revenue planning, intelligent pricing, and precision forecasting.”

“Human intuition drives too many pricing and marketing decisions. Together, we help hotels and resorts make smarter, faster, data-driven decisions.”

 – Garth Peterson, Managing Director, IDeaS

Hoteliers are looking for ways to better align marketing, sales, and revenue leaders and strategies. Often, these teams work in silos. These data silos combined with disconnected decision making are costly, and curb efforts to drive, capture, and convert direct business.

Although formal plans are underway for deeper connectivity between IDeaS’s revenue management and NAVIS’s hospitality CRM systems, common clients like JC Resorts or Terranea Resort enjoy the collaboration opportunities–even if the platforms’ end users vary.

Olga Tolle-Rodrigues, Senior Manager, Global Alliances at IDeaS offers an example of one luxury hotel and resort management company boosting revenue management informed marketing:

“The notion of collaborative marketing is rare. But with NAVIS and IDeaS, revenue managers and their marketing counterparts plan specific campaigns to stimulate demand based on lulls in the forecast.”

Today, the companies are eyeing new ways to bring campaign details into RMS analytics to improve forecasting and break down silos. Additional data points for sharing may include: communication method, market segments or rate codes targeted, booking window, occupancy dates, and booking restrictions. 


For more on how to make smarter, faster, data-driven decisions with NAVIS and IDeaS contact NAVIS today.

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