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Dragonfly is a commercial strategy firm that improves top-line revenue for hotels.

Dragonfly provides comprehensive business strategies for hotels, with a focus on increasing revenue, streamlining processes, and improving results.

Dragonfly’s expert team researches, recommends, and implements custom strategies for every phase of the hotel lifecycle. The firm takes a holistic approach by integrating revenue management, distribution, guest experience, operations, sales, marketing, reservations, and information technology.

With a highly-experienced team, most of whom have worked together for over 20 years, Dragonfly ensures quality is delivered on time and within budget.

Dragonfly’s commercial strategy approach ensures that a hotel’s systems-related services operate optimally. Additionally, the firm provides revenue and distribution management services, along with strategy on enterprise recommendations around people, processes, and systems.

“NAVIS is integral in our ability to drive more direct business. When you use their lead database in the right way, you can have stellar results.”

 – Caryl Helsel, Founder & CEO of Dragonfly Strategists

Dragonfly works successfully with NAVIS in allowing hotels to shift business from OTAs to direct channels. “Hotels only convert 30% or so of the people who call. NAVIS enables you to capture the information of the 70% who didn’t book and re-market to them,” Helsel said.

After Dragonfly conducted an audit on Hammock Beach Resort Golf & Spa, they recommended a shift in revenue and marketing strategies that resulted in an increase from 4% to 81% hotel occupancy.

“By using NAVIS’s lead database and combining it with their email database and direct booking strategy, our partnership with Dragonfly really enables hotels to restructure their market mix and move to more direct business.”

– Mark Bartlett, Chief Revenue Officer at NAVIS.

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