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BlueTent is a leader in digital solutions for vacation rental professionals

With 18 years of experience, this digital agency offers everything vacation rental professionals need to succeed in the digital space: direct booking websites, channel management, booking engines, plus email and digital marketing.

BlueTent prides itself in connecting clients with guests and making that relationship more personal. “We want to put as many heads in beds for our clients,” says Sr. Email Account Manager Eric Taylor. “At the same time, we craft our email messaging to really resonate with the guests and what they’re looking to do — experiences, quality time with friends and family, escaping a hectic life.”

BlueTent works closely with NAVIS to identify clients’ pain points and create custom email templates that are visually appealing and mobile-responsive. This partnership also allows BlueTent to create a variety of lifecycles that touch all guests in different stages.

“Where NAVIS excels is the ability for our clients to quickly and effectively market to specific audiences. If there’s a special offer or time of year we are looking to market, our ability to easily identify folks to target during that time period is really valuable.”

 – Eric Taylor, BlueTent Sr. Email Account Manager

NAVIS and BlueTent’s joint efforts helped elevate Village Realty, a property management company in North Carolina, to a new level of leadership in the vacation rental industry. By targeting past leads and identifying non-booking reasons, they were able to ease any fears and hesitations, resulting in bookings.

“Our partnership with Bluetent helps ensure clients are implementing and executing email strategies that maximize their revenue potential.”

– Mark Bartlett, Chief Revenue Officer at NAVIS.

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