Maximize Your Shopping Cart Abandonment Free Trial

The travel industry has rebounded from past crises. Its return isn’t a matter of if, but when. For hotel marketers and revenue managers, finding the turning point feels like guess-and-hope. Until now.

With NAVIS Shopping Cart Abandonment (SCA), hotel and vacation rentals can capture website booking data –the earliest (and truest) indicator of revived demand– and get ahead of the market’s return. 

Every day, hoteliers struggle with questions like: 

• When do I reopen?

• When do I rehire?

• When do I start marketing?

Cash is tight. Staffing decisions are delicate. Marketing timing is hotly debated.   

Smart rehiring, staffing, and marketing are critical. Without a crystal ball, hoteliers need data to predict future demand and make staffing plans. NAVIS’ Shopping Cart Abandonment helps.

On our recent webinar “Key Strategies to Boost Revenues During Recovery”,  Chris Jackson, Principal & Chief Evangelist at GCommerce, noted that hotels and VRs are still getting around 50% of their usual web traffic. While bookings are low, the potential for remarketing and future-focused messaging is strong.

Last month, we announced a free, no obligation, 90-day trial of Shopping Cart Abandonment. 

Top five benefits of a SCA trial –   

Understand Demand: Abandoned cart data offers rich insight into travelers’ future plans. These include: dates and season, units, party size, activities, and location.

Market Intelligently: With demand data, properties can optimize timing for retargeting guests via email, digital, and outbound voice channels. Data may prompt location-specific outreach. For example, is early interest coming from your drive markets?  

Improve Revenue Strategy: While others chase the bottom of ADR, those armed with SCA data price thoughtfully. They maximize revenue on in-demand dates and unit types – and create value-added packages.

Boost Personalization: SCA helps boost guest loyalty and connection-building. Properties can deploy agents to high-value inquiries and tailor conversations based on website activity (like dates, rooms, kids, pets, and search location).

Plan Your Workforce: Properties can’t afford to be under, or over, staffed. Search dates let hoteliers know what roles to plan for – and when rehiring should begin.

Build a lead database now, for the future. 

Hospitality brands see website abandonment rates over 80%. These bounced visitors are a ripe lead source. With demand data, a lead database can be built and nurtured over time. Leads become available for outbound calls and automated email communication.

SCA includes triggered emails to drive future bookings or offer property or location information and exploration. These are customizable too; no hard or insensitive “book now” messaging. 

During the trial, NAVIS provides 30, 60, and 90 day reporting including the raw data with geolocation, children, etc. These easy-to-read reports provide agent and marketing teams actionable insights on leads, email/phone captures, room demand, average booking window, room category demand and more.      

Connect with an Expert, for free. 

We’re serious about seeing hotels and resorts succeed.

So we’re connecting every property that trials SCA with a Client Success Strategist. That’s right: access to an industry expert to review your reports and share marketing best practices working now – for free.  

They’ll review your daily and weekly data to identify trends, guest intent, and demand periods. The moment travel returns, you’ll be ready. 

Try for Free for 90 Days

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. 

• No obligation, 90-day full-featured free trial

• No setup fees for website integration or email templates

• Rapid launch and data gathering 

• No commissions

• Keep all your data 

• Access to an expert guide

Restless guests are dreaming of adventure. They’re shopping getaways and leaving a crumb trail of actionable data on your website. Make it matter with SCA.