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We’ve all been there. You’re shopping online. You add something to your cart. And right before you check out, that friend you’ve been playing phone tag with for a month calls back and you finally pick-up. And that precious item in your cart is left stranded. Off to the island of misfit checkouts. Doomed to a life in purchase purgatory. Perhaps to never be summoned again. Like it or not you’ve just committed shopping cart abandonment.

Not to worry though. You’re far from alone. Shopping cart abandonment rates have been soaring lately and not just in retail. The hospitality industry lays claim to booking engine abandonment rates of over 85%. Yikes.

So why are abandonment rates in hospitality so high? Well, it turns out most prospective guests are just looking, doing some price comparison, or still need to check with others in their travel party before they book.

Nudge them to convert at 30% and higher

There is some silver lining with these abandoned carts. Those un-booked guests aren’t empty-handed when they visit your site. They bring with them a wealth of their data. And with the NAVIS Shopping Cart Abandonment solution (SCA), that data can be captured and added to your CRM for immediate follow-up. In fact, our data shows that SCA generates 3 to 5 times the number of leads available for voice or email remarketing versus booked guests alone.

In most cases, all these prospects need to finish the booking is a friendly reminder that the accommodations they left stranded in the booking engine are still available and eagerly awaiting their arrival. Often, a simple email is all it takes. In fact, NAVIS SCA follow-up emails convert around 30% of the abandoned guests on average. These newly captured leads are highly qualified and conversion rates are often even higher.

Proof it works

For instance, Nemacolin Woodlands Resort recently reported conversion rates of 40% on their SCA generated leads, and over a quarter of a million dollars of direct booking revenue in just eight months. Banyan Tree Mayakoba, reported $2,930 in revenue per booking and 38% conversion from their SCA generated leads. And as part of our 90-day free Shopping Cart Abandonment trial, Spectrum Resorts reported an astonishing $600k from just one email.

Recently, we enrolled our 100th free trial account, and the success stories continue to roll in. The free 90-day trial of NAVIS SCA is still available today and includes:

  • Full-featured Shopping Cart Abandonment package
  • No obligation or limitations for 90 days free
  • Set up in as little as 5 hours
  • Automated follow-up email response

So, we invite you to join the ranks. Start capturing those otherwise lost leads. Generate 3 to 5X your normal lead volume. Convert up to 30% of your abandoned web traffic and maximize your direct booking revenue.

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