In Case You Missed It: Power of Segmentation: Blasting is a Thing of the Past


We’re grateful last month’s virtual NAVIGATE Direct Booking Conference gave us a chance to learn, grow and (maybe most importantly) feel connected again! 

Does tackling segmentation make your head spin? Don’t worry, Chris Jackson has your back in our ninth session, Power of Segmentation: Blasting is a Thing of the Past. Chris wants you to: 

  • Make a Ruckus – Studies show hotels with the best revenue and profitability metrics don’t stop marketing. 
  • Grab the Magnifying Glass – Use data from Google Analytics and your PMS to target pockets of demand. 
  • Pick a Fight – Meta search is your battleground for shifting shares from OTAs to direct bookings for your hotel.  
  • Lean on that CRM – Close the sales conversion loop with Shopping Cart Abandonment to convert more direct bookings.    

Chris Jackson is the Principal & Chief Evangelist at GCommerce –  and a fantastic session guide!