In case you missed it: Nailed It: Strategies that Performed Amid COVID-19

Fight move float

Spring is certainly flying by! We’re thankful our recent NAVIGATE Direct Booking Conference gave us a chance to pump the brakes, share information, and network together to strengthen and connect our community.

Don’t worry, if you missed it or want to further explore the generous contributions made by expert speakers throughout each session, you can do so here!

Our fifth session, Nailed It: Strategies that Performed Super Well this Last Year, outlines what NAVIS client The Osthoff Resort learned about generating revenue in a world where insights and information arrive with breathtaking speed:

  • Dive deep into what’s not working for a 360-degree view of all revenue opportunities.
  • Recognize if you’re not keeping pace due to outdated tech.
  • Allow A/B testing and analytics to determine which marketing strategies are revenue drivers. 
  • Don’t let mistakes prevent you from learning and showing up the next day – perfect is a process.

Thank you Adam Hartenberger, Revenue Generating Manager, The Osthoff Resort and NAVIS’ own Client Success Strategist Steve Wix for guiding us through this remarkable session.