In case you missed it: Lighthouse to Lantern: The Birth of New Traveler Segments

Traveler Tribes of COVID

We shined a light on a (crazy) year’s-worth of insights during our virtual NAVIGATE Direct Booking Conference. 

Our session, Lighthouse to Lantern: The Birth of New Traveler Segments, offers tips for guiding guests through their discovery process so you effectively meet their evolving travel needs: 

Illuminate the Path. Adopting the posture of a consultative guide allows you to connect with your guests’ changing priorities and concerns so they book now.   

Meet the Traveler Tribes. Understanding what makes Digital Nomads, Woodsmen, and Bubble Buddies tick strengthens your direct booking muscles.  

There’s a New Metric In Town. Coalescing data from different channels helps you identify your Revenue Per Available Customer.    

A shout out to Amir Rashid, Sales Consultant, NAVIS, and Loren Gray, Founder, Hospitality Digital Marketing, for running us through this session. It looked like you had a blast! 

By the way, did you know we champion April as Direct Booking Month? Here’s proofand it comes with memes.