In case you missed it: Can’t Touch That: Guest Service & Experience in a Contact-Less World

We just held our first ever contact-less (but still communal!) NAVIGATE Direct Booking Conference, and we’re thankful for everyone’s amazing insights. 

Hands-free has a whole new meaning these days, and our tenth session, Can’t Touch That: Guest Service & Experience in a Contact-Less Worldoutlines how to create personal connections with your guests in a socially distanced environment. 

  • Give ‘em a ring: Leverage the voice channel to establish connection, offer reassurance and demonstrate service worth talking about. 
  • A contact-less personal touch: Replace static collateral on your property with tech like iPads for seamless updates at a keystroke. 
  • Dress for the weather: Use tools like Rezforce to align your on and off-site teams for consistent, timely, and confident messaging.  

Thank you Andy Steinberg, Client Success Manager, NAVIS; Matt Bailey, General Manager, Montage Kapalua Bay; Tina Newman, Director of Sales and Marketing, Castle Hot Springs; and Laure Briancon-Rouge, Regional Director of Revenue Management, Rosewood Hotel Group.