In Case You Missed It: 3 Ways Hotel Can Beat OTA’s in 2021

3 Ways Hotel Can Beat OTA’s in 2021

Guests are re-engaging with travel, and competition for their vacation dollars is fierceOur seventh session, 3 Ways Hotels Can Beat OTA’s in 2021, features Charlie Osmond from Triptease recommending how to convince your guests to book direct so you can outperform those pesky OTA’s.

Here are a few highlights from his session: 

Embrace the New Ecosystem: Over 95% of hotel bookers now visit your property’s website first – start sowing your seeds of engagement so they book direct! 

Create a Mobile Mantra: Upgrade your mobile booking engine to offer speed, reassurance, accessibility, useful content, and personalization.  

Anticipate their Excitement: Leverage your CRM and voice channel to create an elegant post booking, prestay experience so your guests follow-through.   

Symbiotic Pricing: Hotels achieve 118% conversion when tight pricing on search fuses with a reassuring website experience.  

Thank you Charlie Osmond, Chief Tease at Triptease, for an eye-opening session!