February 2020 Product Updates

Making or breaking the overall guest experience often comes down to the speed of your service. That’s why we are committed to enhancing the speed and performance of our solutions.  And, this month we’ve focused on three key features to further improve performance. All with one goal in mind – helping you improve yours.

Marketing Suite Event Report

We know that building, testing and sending emails takes time. But loading an Event Report to view the performance, shouldn’t – regardless of how big the report might be. That’s why we’ve enhanced the back-end engine that drives your reports. 

This update improves reporting responsiveness and prevents timeouts. You’ll start seeing improved performance in February.

Marketing Suite Email Performance

A prospective guest has more choices than ever. And when it comes to reaching them, timing is of the essence. In fact, in some cases, a few seconds can mean the difference between booking with you, or with a competitor. 

Marketing Suite Email Performance

That’s why we’ve enhanced the engine that drives Marketing Suite email sends.

Starting in March, you can take back those precious seconds. No more waiting for test emails. No more waiting for templates to load. No more scrambling to get that time-sensitive email out. Just improved performance and faster email builds, tests and sends. 

And what’s better, no new system, feature or process to learn. This update only affects our back-end. No changes to how you build, test or send emails – aside from the fact that now, it will take seconds, not minutes. 

Reservation Sales Team Chat

Team chat applications are meant for seamless communication. They should make your teams more efficient not slow them down. Especially, when it comes to a guest inquiry or a potential booking. 

That’s why we rebuilt  the Team Chat application in Reservation Sales. Now you can quickly and easily get the answers you need –  from the right person at the right time. 

New Features include:

  • Detailed Profiles – No more guessing. See exactly who you’re speaking with. Just hover over their icon to see their name, role and the property they represent.
  • Clear Status Visibility – Know exactly who’s online and who’s not. 
  • Improved Search Functionality – Search by person, a role or account to quickly find the right person or that crucial conversation. 
  • Channels – Create groups around specific topics. Add or remove people as needed. New participants have access to the entire conversation thread so they won’t miss a thing.
  • Time Stamps – Know the exact day and time a conversation took place.
  • Real-Time Typing – See when someone is typing for more fluid conversation and a greater sense of engagement.
  • Push Notifications – Receive push notifications when you are on a different browser tab or using a different app so you never miss a thing.

Experience these updates and more of our on-going performance enhancements live at Navigate this March 2-4 in San Antonio, TX.