5 Memes for Hospitality This Week

Gotta get a pic before the girls trip and before pumpkin spice lattes! PSLs are here, even if the first day of fall is September 22nd. Starbucks menus may be changing seasons, but the hospitality industry is chugging along with consistency.

1. “Revenge Revenue? Revenge Travel? Travel Revenue Revenge?

Travel is in demand folks! We’re back in action, or should we call it, revenge? For simplicity’s sake, we’ll call it revenge travel. We don’t want anyone getting tongue-tied trying to settle on a name for this phenomenon.

Hoteliers have experienced one of the busiest summers since Covid-19. More eager travelers are en route, which is why industry professionals are stressing a post-pandemic recovery strategy to meet demand. It starts with planning, reintroduction, and value optimization. Hotels should be planning for the “hot spot” areas, those in which guests are frequenting, as their bucket list locations are beginning to open again. Thus, redirecting marketing and sales dollars to these high-profit places is crucial. Experts are also recommending hoteliers offer a humble reintroduction of their brand to remind their customers of “who they are” and their unique brand story. And lastly, value is there to be boosted. Companies should be focusing on utilizing their CRM to upsell current offerings. Prepare for (travel) revenge here!

2. Ready For Some “Bleisure”

How many times can the word “leisure” be adapted before it’s worn out? Athleisure was not the final stop. Now we’ve got bleisure: business and leisure.

            You can officially combine business and pleasure, travel style. Bleisure is becoming universally appealing among the younger workforce, especially millennials. Most bleisure trips last only two days, but provide an illusionistic kind of vacation while still crunching the numbers for next week’s presentation. Many hotels are preparing for “bleisurers” with faster reliable internet, speedier check-ins and check-outs, and outfitted rooms with automated smart speakers. Even tech is also taking a bite out of the bleisure apple. Read more about it here.

3. Take It From The Best   

Are we listening to Marriott? Because honey we should be. Marriott International has some creative insight on post-pandemic recovery for hoteliers.

Take it from Marriott International, one of the most widely recognized hotel brands in the hospitality industry. Stephanie Linnart, Marriott’s president, highlights the importance of brand value and customer loyalty, while reminding companies to frequently engage and connect with customers. Touching stone with your “why” is what Linnart stresses is the key to longevity for hoteliers. Linnart also points toward the business traveler and the group traveler as popular players to watch in the travel game. Linda, if you want more, listen here to the CBRE podcast, “Start Me Up: What the Hospitality Industry Can Learn from Marriott’s Recovery Strategies”.

4. Gotta Have The Beauty And The Brains

Luxury travel, it just sounds pretty, but there are some smarts behind the creation of those beautiful experiences. DiCaprio and Jonah Hill glamourized Wall Street, but not with Leonardo’s lovely face, but with his cutthroat intelligence.

Now that many have realized that tree-huggers were “onto something”, sustainability and environmental protection initiatives are more popular than ever. Companies are realizing that guests are valuing increased connection to local habitats and communities that offer a window into the “human experience”. Guests are expecting their stay to be supported sustainably, with considerations like waste, energy, and precautions regarding animals and other species in the area. So, businesses are rerouting their efforts and recruiting extra brain cells to meet their customer’s interests. This is what we can expect from the future of luxury travel, here.

5. 5G Here, 5G There, 5G Everywhere

Hanks was trapped on an island surrounded by water, everywhere, and we’re surrounded by 5G, everywhere. We have Verizon to thank for that, but they’re about to explode the hospitality industry with this technology.

5G has proved lucrative for the hospitality industry, bolstering hotels with faster and more responsive digital connectivity. In turn, this asset has improved the guest experience and is becoming more of a need in order to match the value other brand’s are providing their guests. 5G is shown to increase guest convenience, personalize bookings, enhance your company’s entertainment offerings, satisfy top-level business customers, and increase efficiency for hotel operations. Verizon is proving the power of 5G for hoteliers looking to “up their game” in order to differentiate among their competition. Read the specifics, here.

As always, have a great weekend, and check-in with us in two weeks for the next installment of hospitality meme news.