5 Memes for Hospitality This Week

At this point in the summer season, you may be floundering. Should you pack that comfortable swimsuit from Target, no fuss necessary? Or the expensive swimwear from the little boutique in Venice Beach? Whether you’re dressing to impress or for comfort, this week’s Hospitality Meme News highlights hotels and their efforts to change the way you travel. Not your packing decisions. Sike. 

1. Connect with Nature

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We personally think Schwarzenegger is a huge nature fan, and most likely retreats to the forest for his morning stroll, before smashing the weights. Hotel managers and CEOs seem to recognize the need for connection with Mother Nature, like the Terminator, which lends to their heightened interest in how their business strategies affect you and the outdoors. 

Hotels, resorts, and others alike sense the interconnectedness between climate change, biodiversity, and their guests and staff. Guests often make the choice of where to stay based on proximity to the natural landscape. Hotel vendors who supply food and beverages rely on nature’s bounty, therefore companies are striving to do their part in reducing their carbon footprint to protect our ecosystems, and provide quality service.  

To be successful, players in the hospitality industry are making moves to respect their customer’s reverence for nature. Whether in an urban or more rural location, hotels are considering solutions to support local ecosystems. Much of these efforts will depend on the momentum of partnerships and alliances with organizations whose mission is strictly to save Mother Earth. 

To read up on how hotels are converging with environmental protection initiatives, check out this article here

2. June Pride Month at Hilton Hotels

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Party at the Hilton! Or celebration rather.  

Since June is Pride month, Hilton Hotels is showing their support and solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community. While every Hilton Hotel welcomes all individuals with every stay at any of their locations, there are five cities in particular where special offerings will be available to those of the Pride Community.  

The cities of New York, Washington D.C, Phoenix, San Francisco and Mexico City, house Hilton hotels that are in proximity to major Pride gatherings. There will also be commemorations of historical events, from the attack on Stonewall to the birthplace of the rainbow flag.  

Hilton Hotels is showing up as an ally for their fellow Pride humans, while doing their part to shed a bright light on the history of LGBTQ+ endeavors, struggles, and victories. All hotels can make a difference in Pride endeavors and some ways of doing so can be found in our LGBTQ+ guide, linked here

To learn more about where you can book your Pride Month Hilton stay, check out this article here

3. Revenge Investing for Hotels   

Investment Memes

In the age of Robinhood, Bitcoin, and any kind of cryptocurrency involving Elon Musk, there’s yet another reason, another way to invest: hotels!  

The hospitality industry may have taken a bit of a turn during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, but now, the U.S. hospitality market is looking pretty good to European investors. Wink wink. 

Investors from Europe and parts of the UK are ready to pounce to get a piece of the U.S. hotels that they have been unable to visit in the past year. From boosting private equity funds, to bolstering investment portfolios, hotels are being viewed as the comeback kid for the hospitality industry and projected to produce significant growth. 

Read more here on where foreign investors are placing their hotel bets in major cities.  

4. Corporate Travel is Back Baby!

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As “The Office’ prepares for newly begotten travel adventures, they can surely expect to find business opportunities as well as challenges. 

If you haven’t heard, the labor shortage does not discriminate, so hotels are not immune to this growing pre, and post-pandemic issue. While hotel quality will most likely not be diminished, the number of housekeeping visits may dwindle due to staffing concerns. Although there is certainly a hunger for U.S. hotel investment from foreign players, a slight hesitation remains regarding border issues and entering the U.S. to see the properties. But keep an eye out for hotel investment in New York and San Francisco! 

For those who will be frequenting places like the Marriott and Hilton Hotels, get ready for an upgrade in luxury. From greater attention to gyms, spas, and menu options you can expect a whole new level. This is definitely a powerful draw for concert goers, traveling business execs, and those looking for a superior stay when eating up their flyer miles once again. 

To become more acquainted with these topics and a look ahead to hotel projections in September, click here

5. Rise of the High-End Motel

Tom, Gatsby, and Daisy arguing at the Plaza Hotel Nick: Can't we just enjoy  the drinks and not argue ?!? - Annoyed Picard | Make a Meme

I mean, who doesn’t love a bit of luxury? Gatsby sure did, until he didn’t. Apparently, guest tastes are changing when it comes to posh soap bottles and silk sheets. 

The once disgraced or quickly frowned upon, motels, are getting a second chance. Many weary but eager travelers are turning their attention to motels for several convenience reasons. For starters, Covid, because when is something not related to Covid-19? No long drafty hallways, limited interaction with other guests, just walk right into your respective room and close the door! Virus exposure: limited.  

Another, less formal reason being, motels are casual. Just like the way David Rose from Schitt’s Creek can dramatically lament about living in a small town, without the motel staff rushing to keep him quiet to save face. Your room is private, no need for a shirt and shoes when walking from your car to your door. Speaking of cars, motels provide easy access to your car and the road.  

Not every motel is a grungy roadside motel. You can find special spots where motels boast beautiful courtyards and thoroughly cleaned pools, lined with idyllic palm trees. So, if you’re up for crashing hotel/motel standards, find out why you should consider a motel stay here

As always, have a great weekend, and check in with us in two weeks for the next installment of hospitality meme news.