Navis receives nps score of 2x industry average

Remarkable customer satisfaction rating, a testament to NAVIS’ commitment to exceptional relationship management, high performance, and world-class user experience.

Bend, Oregon (November 2, 2020) NAVIS, the #1 hospitality CRM, today announced the results of their Q1 2021 Net Promoter® Score (NPS) with a score of 65. Compared to global NPS standards – which categorize 50 NPS as “excellent” and 70 NPS as “world-class,” NAVIS’ industry-leading score is a testament to their values, on-going stewardship, and successful culture of customer obsession – even when tested in the heart of a global pandemic.

NPS, a widely used and highly regarded measurement rates overall customer experience and loyalty. It is calculated by asking customers if they would recommend a company’s products or services to a friend or colleague. This standardized measure allows for apples-to-apples comparisons within and across industries and is used by companies to evaluate deeper measures of customer service and retention.

NAVIS’ NPS score of 65 surpasses scores from brands such as Microsoft and Apple at 45 and 47 respectively and is over double the median NPS score of 29 for small-sized (100-499) tech companies.

This recent score represents an increase from the previous survey of 63. Scores increased across all regions in the US as well across both Hotel, Resort, and Vacation Rental industries and all roles – with a +19-increase given by respondents with Reservations Sales titles.

“We’re honored to receive such a high score, especially given that the hospitality industry was one of the hardest-hit industries with COVID-19,” stated Kyle Buehner, CEO, NAVIS. “When times are tough, it’s our responsibility to help our clients weather the storm. For this reason, we provided support and offered free product trials, and I believe this NPS score is evidence of that.”

“Our clients were struggling with cancellations, closures, and a myriad of other issues,” said, Brise Carpenter, Vice President of Client Success, NAVIS. “We knew it was more important than ever to listen to their concerns and provide ideas, insights, and guidance to help them successfully navigate this challenging time.”

As part of the NPS survey, respondents were invited to comment on how well they felt supported during these challenging times. Overwhelmingly, respondents felt that NAVIS had supported them very well throughout COVID-19. “One of the best companies I have ever worked with!” commented, Lana Venter, Director of Reservations at Mauna Lani part of the Auberge Resort Collection. “We are more than just a client. Thank you to the entire NAVIS team for your continuous support especially through Covid19, you have been amazing.”

For more on the NAVIS NPS results or inquiries about working with NAVIS, please contact Casey Munck, Senior Director of Marketing for NAVIS, by phone at 786-502-6543 or email


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