The Only COMPLETE Hotel & Resort CRM 


to help you Fight for and win direct bookings

More revenue from your

existing demand

Data silos and disconnected systems are costly problems, hurting even the best team’s ability to drive, capture, and convert direct business.

These are common problems that make it difficult for vacation rental management teams to collaborate, personalize service, or even send a targeted email. NAVIS solves these problems with a single source of guest and lead data, from both digital and voice channel touchpoints.

Reservation Sales Suite

Empower your Reservations Team

Hospitality’s highest performing call center software, NAVIS Reservation Sales gives your sales team the tools they need to succeed. It’s part of our full CRM suite, built to help your hotel reservation leaders transform agent teams from reservation-takers to revenue-makers.

Analytics Suite

Interactive business intelligence

Bring your performance and demand data from reservations and marketing into a single, shared platform. The NAVIS Analytics Suite provides real-time and trustworthy reporting to align all of your teams around the right metrics.

Marketing Suite

Expand your Marketing Team’s Impact

Manage, send and compare insights on marketing campaigns and stay communications to know what’s driving demand and bookings. The NAVIS Marketing suite integrates with your current PMS so you can see the real dollar value of those campaign leads and your true ROI. Empower your team to make better business decisions with NAVIS Marketing.

Calculate Your Lost Revenue

Use our lost revenue calculator to identify areas of your business with unrealized potential and quantify the value of incremental revenue you can expect.                                            

The Guidebook for a Hospitality CRM RFP

Bringing on new technology can be scary. That’s where a thorough vetting process and RFP can be extremely helpful. Read the ultimate guide to a CRM Request for Proposal.

Direct Channel Analysis

Use our direct channel revenue worksheet to automatically calculate your revenue potential and expose the low hanging fruit that could drive more profitability for your business.