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Hooray is a full-service marketing agency that creates brand loyalty.

Hooray works with hotels, management companies, and ownership groups to build brands and forge relationships with guests.

Their team of innovators, disruptors, storytellers, and strategists embrace the power of brand and story.

“NAVIS is the toolset, and Hooray is the team managing it. Think of NAVIS as the Mercedes, and we are the ones in the driver’s seat.”

– Randy Stuck, Executive Vice President, Hooray

This one-stop-shop digital agency understands the unique challenges of creating products for the digital space, social media, and traditional media. They offer digital services, advertising, analytics, and strategy that work together to inspire customer loyalty.

Hooray approaches problems with an ownership mindset and provides out-of-the-box solutions. While their roots are in big creative agencies, they also understand the importance of asset management reporting and profitability.

Hooray works with NAVIS in setting up call tracking for hospitality clients. “We see upwards of 50% of revenue coming through the phone. Being able to track that back to the campaign level of advertising has been incredible to determine where the value lies,” says Stuck. Hooray also works with NAVIS to create branded templates for lifecycle emails, to ensure a strong creative element.

This partnership was particularly successful with the Salamander portfolio. “The NAVIS team was instrumental in ensuring the compliance and development of setting up email templates,” said Stuck. NAVIS’s campaign tracking generated monthly and quarterly reporting that helped Hooray strategize what type of messaging to put out and where to spend on advertising. According to Stuck, “It’s a critical component to know how to spread your marketing mix.”

Through our partnership with Hooray, were able to further foster brand loyalty, and ultimately generate more direct booking revenue for our clients.

– Mark Bartlett, Chief Revenue Officer, NAVIS

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