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Focal Revenue Solutions helps hoteliers make data-driven revenue decisions more quickly.

“Independent hoteliers consume 96 work days per year compiling reports,” shares Mike Medsker, Focal’s Co-founder and President.

Focal frees up leaders to optimize their commercial strategy, democratize data access, and deploy more effective outbound sales and marketing campaigns—not just become better report generators.

“Spending nearly one-third of your year exporting and manipulating data is a waste of time.”

 – Mike Medsker, Co-Founder & President, Focal Revenue Solutions

NAVIS Reservation Sales Suite and Marketing Suite solutions generate a tremendous amount of data. Focal Revenue Solutions’ purpose-built analytics solution coupled with NAVIS data provides clients with unparalleled insights into their properties performance and health.

“Our partnership enables hoteliers to ask questions and rapidly discover new, applicable insights, crucial for driving incremental revenue for their properties,”
said Mark Bartlett, Chief Revenue Officer at NAVIS.

Focal’s product pillars of Ask Better Questions, Find Better Answers, Formulate Your Strategies, and Engage Your Audience align with the NAVIS offerings too. The partnership speeds up the revenue strategies that NAVIS’s solutions create.

Focal’s Medsker shares one example of how the partnership works for clients: “When a prospect calls in, NAVIS’ CRM provides rich data around the; customer, dates, and the rate plan they’re looking at. We supplement these with other demand and lead volume data to determine if conversion meets the hotel’s goals for certain date periods.”

While speed to insight is exciting, it’s not the only benefit of the partnership. “Our cultures are also aligned,” adds Medsker. “From a results standpoint, we both are all about generating additional revenues for clients.”

To learn more about how a NAVIS and Focal Revenue Solutions partnership can help your hotel or resort maximize its revenues strategies contact NAVIS today.

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